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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slavery in the Age of Technology.

There are many women in the world who are being deprived of their fundamental human rights. Slavery in the Age of Technology and the strange silence of the world against this injustice is deafeningly loud.
There is a tragic state of apathy in the world, but we have to help each other to disturb the silence. I invite you to use this blog to share the stories of pain on this blog with the commitment to maintain your privacy and the integrity of the story I publish.  With the help of every story told and shared we can work towards eradicating discrimination against women.  

Thursday, March 12, 2015


When we opened our eyes to the world, we found ourselves in the arms of a woman whose job is to bring life to the world. When we voiced our first cry, it was in the arms of a woman

Nine months in the womb of a woman who took care of us and the beating of her heart was the sound of love and protection. Years of us, nurturing us with limitless love. Angels of love, priceless motherly love.

Generous women who do not expect anything in return like the sunshine to the  plants of the earth. But around the world, some men with mothers, wives, and women friends, cause pain and harm to other women, women like those they know.

But in most cases, women choose to remain silent, to avoid further harassment or out of a sense of hopelessness or shame. I am determined to make women's life stories on this blog scream out to the world so that we can help each other to end the harassment by sharing stories and letting women's voices heard.

Women all over the world as an author of this blog, I want to introduce you to your friends, other women who share their lives, pain, and hopes. Our collective will can put an end to this violence, physical, verbal, financial and emotional.

I'm ready to write your stories, with your permission, I will publish them on this blogIn the hope of freedom, equality, respect and the rights of women in all parts of the world, I thank you and welcome you.

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