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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life is pain

Life is pain
Life is a continuity
Embodiment a thought
The intersection of body and mind
Turn the idea into reality
Funny, if you laugh at it
Terrible, if you scare
Creates suffer if you see the pain
Alien if you're alien
Is your life, live your life
As you thought,  life
Life is so simple that can understand
A simple rule
An equation, without unknown
Two plus two equal four
Hope, joy, pleasure
It's, They said about life
What can I say?
Yelling your life, scream
Write your own fate
Change your future
No unknown equation is not the equation 
Two plus two may be pain
Be familiar with pain
Laugh your pain, louder laughter
Don't afraid of your pain
Pain is stimulus
Creates art the pain 
Brings Love
Writes poetry
Tears for the statue
Pain is the meaning of life
Pain makes life
Do not hide your pain
The amount of your pain will be stature

Kuala Lumpur


Monday, September 28, 2015

Life Somewhere


Tired glance of a woman The worn-out body of a man

In an effort, to survive Followed by a piece of bread

Children are full of desires Seniors in regret sleep

Escape to stay alive In the streets of death

Looking for an answer Answer for a question

Whom had stolen the love? Our contribution of life is just a dream

Shadows of fear and fright On the roof, of our lives is widespread

Our share of the life was absurd Live out is Exotic

Living as a slave is Weirder Our life is slavery

That is our contribution the viability

Kuala Lumpur


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A day is on the way
Night will halt hostilities
Peace to the world
Peace to the world

Equity is on the way
Men and women will write
They will write a book
The earth will adore them

Full of peace for the world
Row by row of happiness
one by one sharing lands
Page by page of kindness

Men and women Alongside each other
Equity to the breadth of the land
Justice for All
Contribution of worth to life

Neither deception nor war
Children will not be displaced
Land, Paradise earthlings
Sun shines, affectionate blossoms

A day is on the way
Night halt hostilities
Peace to the world
Peace to the world

Kuala Lumpur
07:13 am



Grandmother, grandmother
Tell us a story
Tell a Story without sadness
A fairy tale
Nameless rider
The Old Man Fop
Girl, loveless and poor

Grandmother, grandmother
I grew up
I became strong
I became the guy of your stories
My story
I became aggrieved
I became the sorrowful story
Tell a story, tell my story
Tell a story, tell my love story
My tears
My laughter
My grief

Grandmother, grandmother
My life has been a story
My life is a tale of sorrow
Tell us a story
Tell us a story
Tell a story of my life



Tuesday, September 22, 2015


When you were gone
Everything went
You were not only my love
You were my world
My days were cold and dark
My body was tired and old
Tomorrow dark and lifeless
When you were gone
The Canaries all left
Neither saw happiness
Nor heard laughter
I put down my baggage
Sat on the ground
I cried like a cloud in spring
Without you, there's no one
No fanfare
No life
No dawn
No sunset
I stayed here, with a question
You went this easily
Why ??? !!!!!!!!!

Kuala Lumpur


Saturday, September 19, 2015

No Longer

No Longer

I am a slave in your mind
But a free man in the real world

I can't understand your behavior
You are a free girl in the real world

You are not a bitch in your life
But why you want to show like that

You have the own meaning of love
But Love is Love for all of the world

You are a standing in your neck
But human standing in own foot

I made the mistake when I followed you
You made mistake to keep me in your hands

Don't love me anymore

Let me go to in my way, please

Kuala Lumpur


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jordan (first part)

Jordan is a small boy that always sit the first row in the classroom. 
He is nice, but a little bit short between his classmateshas Black hair-bare, large eyes and brown colour, very fast when playing the game, exactly is agile.

He studies in the second level at primary school and new here has a lot of friends in a few week, arrangements everything likewise 
manager in a company.

All of the boys following him even high-level boys, girls like him because he is carrying and cheery. Teachers the common belief he is a lazy boy, but they don't know how he has answered their questions. But he is hero for children.

When I look at him carefully, find he has a big secret. I don't know what's that but interested to know it. I like him and he likes me too, actually all children like a sports and art teacher.

He doesn't have a friend, in the school his mind is different with others. But never he shows it. He is Intelligent and thriving, he excited me when he command to others like a president.  I am enthusiastic to know his secret and know him more, but he never allowed me to ask private questions.  Really, who is the short big man?

Last week I saw his father when dropped him in front the school, the luxury car does not match with his dress and shoes, I knew his father is a driver for Governer. I asked him: "How is Jordan behavior in the home?".  He answered: "He is a lovely boy, quite and caring in the home, just following his mother, help her to care his small brother.
Stay tuned with next post

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Wall

The Wall

I'm tired, tired
The cry that is never heard
The tears that spilled in vain
The look that feels blind from waiting

I'm tired, tired
Big boots of power mongers
Commands that never stop

I'm tired of the walls
The seconds hand is on strike
The minutes hand has been executed
I'm tired, tired

Kuala Lumpur


I am in your hair, like the wind.
You are in my mind, like a memory.

We are both, like the sun, like the moon

I will be in your bed like a doll.
You are in my life like a smell.

You will rest in my arm
I will fetch you in the rain

I will love you, likewise the past
I will do well for my love

I will show you a remedy
I will find you in my mind

Kuala Lumpur



The Reveler and ape

Reveler and Ape
Top the pond

I was little, my grandfather took me to see a show
Lalezar street at morning opens a shopping center and commerce, such as Clothing for children and adults, Jewelry, Household items, Wedding, had everything. 
At night, the place was fun with cinema, club,  bar, theater, restaurant, puppet theater and something else.

The public name of the show was top the pond. The Coffee shop had a pond, a large pond that covered with the wooden board and actors performances there, in fact on the stage.

The name of the show was "Reveler and Ape". Every Night, the reveler with Ape performed on the stage and made happy the people.I was excited to see the Ape and was waiting it.
The reveler appeared on the stage without the ape.  He was sadness, his face showed it, his low-hanging shoulder scared me.

He looked for every single moment,  perhaps had requested. Gradually the silence was everywhere. 
I hugged My grandfather arm. Reveler and I, we both began to cry. I was fear, he loss the ape.

He said: The ape die. The audience laughed.

He said: The ape die. The people louder laughed. 

The reveler on his knees and said: "The ape die."

He repeated several times and the people louder laughed till to end. No one understood the reveler really,  loos the ape. After that night, reveler disappears in the city.

Today, after forty years later, I write the story and shed tears.

I lit a candle for the reveler and the ape.I learn should not be afraid the reveler.
Have to be afraid the people.

Kuala Lumpur

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