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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jordan (first part)

Jordan is a small boy that always sit the first row in the classroom. 
He is nice, but a little bit short between his classmateshas Black hair-bare, large eyes and brown colour, very fast when playing the game, exactly is agile.

He studies in the second level at primary school and new here has a lot of friends in a few week, arrangements everything likewise 
manager in a company.

All of the boys following him even high-level boys, girls like him because he is carrying and cheery. Teachers the common belief he is a lazy boy, but they don't know how he has answered their questions. But he is hero for children.

When I look at him carefully, find he has a big secret. I don't know what's that but interested to know it. I like him and he likes me too, actually all children like a sports and art teacher.

He doesn't have a friend, in the school his mind is different with others. But never he shows it. He is Intelligent and thriving, he excited me when he command to others like a president.  I am enthusiastic to know his secret and know him more, but he never allowed me to ask private questions.  Really, who is the short big man?

Last week I saw his father when dropped him in front the school, the luxury car does not match with his dress and shoes, I knew his father is a driver for Governer. I asked him: "How is Jordan behavior in the home?".  He answered: "He is a lovely boy, quite and caring in the home, just following his mother, help her to care his small brother.
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