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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Third World countries

third world countries

How thinking people in third world countries

Seventeen years ago, I had a friend who met him every day after work. We talked together. Hamid was a happy man and witty. I never wasn't tired of companionship with him.

I met him in his shop, he sold PC parts, all from Singapore, was sent by his brother. Every day two to three hours we were talking together. I was happy with him. Because at that time, I was living alone and was boring.

Every evening after closing shop with Hamid to go home by taxi or Hamid's car because I never use the own car in daily work trip. We lived in a neighborhood accidentally. In those days, my mood was not good, but Hamid had a good influence on me. Living alone, was terrible for me but nowadays is more tolerable.

One of those days was very dirty air. It can be said that in Iran, most days of air pollution is higher than normal. But that day the emergency was caused pollution. Schools were closed and the elderly and children were warned not to leave home. The people requested the use of public transport. 

I, as usual, went to the shop Hamid. When I got there, I was very surprised with what I saw. Two sons, Hamid, were playing in the street. Hamid shops in the city center and there was the most polluted part of the city. 

Hamid began to tell how cleverly and intelligently managed to enter the off-limits, and with utmost honor and confidence explained the story. I did not know what to say. I could say nothing. Two children were playing in the most polluted part of the city and at risk while their father spoke so that was incredible.

Without having to say anything, I said goodbye and then never saw Hamid. Hamid had answered my mind a big question. Now everything was quite clear. The difference between the developed countries and the Third World countries, people are like Hamid. Wherever they are in the majority, there is a third world country.

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