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My Name is Jahangir Jangi Josheghan. I am an Author and poem in Persian but started to write story and poet in English.  Please don't Judge me with the grammar, if it is not correct. 
Jahangir Jangi Josheghan

You can help me to correct my fault in the sentence.  I will write the short story here, but sometimes maybe will longer and need two or more posts. 

Please will keep in touch, to read the story in here as soon.  I'll grateful when you leave a comment to show me your opinion. I'll reply it as soon as possible. If you would like to share a story, email me or in skype. 

Please do not interpret a poem, to don't get astray. Like other arts, such as poetry, have several meanings. Poetry must be feeling. If you can not feel my poems, make sure the shapes of my poetry.

I believe life is beautiful even when is hard. Always I challenge with life till to get a better one. When I am in a hard season of my life, don't think how much am I strong even after finished it also won't think about it. But I am stronger than the past.  I did anything in the past and able to do it more in future. 

My story bases on real but I grown it to reality. 
Writing is the big part of my life.  I can say: "Life without Write, Like, Live without Life". 
It's not my sentence, I just exchanged the word, "Write" with "Love". 

Skype: jahangirjan67

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