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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life is pain

Life is pain
Life is a continuity
Embodiment a thought
The intersection of body and mind
Turn the idea into reality
Funny, if you laugh at it
Terrible, if you scare
Creates suffer if you see the pain
Alien if you're alien
Is your life, live your life
As you thought,  life
Life is so simple that can understand
A simple rule
An equation, without unknown
Two plus two equal four
Hope, joy, pleasure
It's, They said about life
What can I say?
Yelling your life, scream
Write your own fate
Change your future
No unknown equation is not the equation 
Two plus two may be pain
Be familiar with pain
Laugh your pain, louder laughter
Don't afraid of your pain
Pain is stimulus
Creates art the pain 
Brings Love
Writes poetry
Tears for the statue
Pain is the meaning of life
Pain makes life
Do not hide your pain
The amount of your pain will be stature

Kuala Lumpur



  1. Thanks for Sharing I enjoyed reading this. :-)

  2. Saschia J
    You're welcome. I am glad you enjoyed the poem.


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