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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Reveler and ape

Reveler and Ape
Top the pond

I was little, my grandfather took me to see a show
Lalezar street at morning opens a shopping center and commerce, such as Clothing for children and adults, Jewelry, Household items, Wedding, had everything. 
At night, the place was fun with cinema, club,  bar, theater, restaurant, puppet theater and something else.

The public name of the show was top the pond. The Coffee shop had a pond, a large pond that covered with the wooden board and actors performances there, in fact on the stage.

The name of the show was "Reveler and Ape". Every Night, the reveler with Ape performed on the stage and made happy the people.I was excited to see the Ape and was waiting it.
The reveler appeared on the stage without the ape.  He was sadness, his face showed it, his low-hanging shoulder scared me.

He looked for every single moment,  perhaps had requested. Gradually the silence was everywhere. 
I hugged My grandfather arm. Reveler and I, we both began to cry. I was fear, he loss the ape.

He said: The ape die. The audience laughed.

He said: The ape die. The people louder laughed. 

The reveler on his knees and said: "The ape die."

He repeated several times and the people louder laughed till to end. No one understood the reveler really,  loos the ape. After that night, reveler disappears in the city.

Today, after forty years later, I write the story and shed tears.

I lit a candle for the reveler and the ape.I learn should not be afraid the reveler.
Have to be afraid the people.

Kuala Lumpur


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