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Friday, November 13, 2015



Middle-aged means the remaining half of my life to the best use it.

Time for analyzing the mistakes and find a new way to live.
Starting again unconditionally, pick up the backpack of experiences and learned then go on an endless journey to find new.

Moving again and savor the taste of life.
Flying into the unknown without whatever has earned, going towards infinity.

Every day I look in the mirror I saying remained half of my life.

Breaking the dependence and floating in the river's life.
Terrible does not make sense more even starvation has owned taste.

Rip chains decay beliefs and swimming in the beach reach to the sea.

Understand what hitherto been obscure.
Sitting beside the raceway and teach to child labor the alphabet.

Having enough time to living, not survive.
Middle-aged only a backpack full of candy that gives to the children.

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