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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Refugee's Life

Refugee's Life

Nowadays I am very upset. I saw some things that were, in fact, unethical behaviour. It's not personal, but it is societal culture. Stay with me with a real story but not using real names. Some individuals do not have value for others.

Armin is a refugee who lives in Malaysia and is waiting for resettlement.
He went to a school for refugees for an interview one month ago. He showed his CV to the manager and then she said, "Oh you are a professional and over qualified for primary school."

She asked him, "How long have you been here?" He answered, "I have been here nearly five years. I worked for a local company for four years as an engineer."

She asked him again "how much was your salary and why did you leave your job?" He answered, "It was RM6000 and when our manager resigned they started to devalue me and cut my salary."
She told him "Minimum salary is RM 800, but I will give you RM 1000 or maybe more. You can start tomorrow."

He started his work as a teacher in G2 level.
Two weeks later a Pakistani guy went to interview him again and said, "I am a teacher consultant. I read your CV, but I didn't see any work experience as a teacher."

Armin replied, "I think you didn't read my CV carefully because I was a lecturer in a telecommunication university." Pakistani said, "I am a Ph.D. a lecturer in UPM. It's very different to a school. You are a trainee teacher now. I will teach you anything. Your salary as a trainee teacher is RM 500."

Armin said, "But she said something else about my salary and I want to talk with her." Pakistani Said, "I don't know because she asked me to talk with you."

Armin was angry and upset and talked with himself "What do they want to use me? I need money to survive." He accepted RM 500 salary because he needed a job and there are no jobs for refugees. 

One week later the students were invited to visit Sunway University and they organized lunch and fun for the children. Armin and the Pakistani went with the children. At lunch time, the Pakistani and the Egyptian teacher sat with at the table.  The Europian (organizer) sat beside the Pakistani. Suddenly the Pakistani and Egyptian asked him for his phone number and he gave it to them. 

On the way back to school, the Pakistani sat beside Armin on the bus. The Pakistani started kidding with two seven-year-old girls(Armin's students). After a while, he shouted out to them several times, "Shut up".

Armin wanted to talk to the manager, but he thought that would not be effective because they are close partners in the school. Remember that they decided together to devalued him and pay him less.

One week later an American guy brought some food for the children.
After lunch time, Armin and the American guy started a conversation and they connected on Facebook.

After a few minutes, the manager asked Armin "Did you ask the European for some help last week?" Armin replied, " No we just talked about politics because he said he is a politics lecturer but the Pakistani took his number."

Then she left Armin and talked with the American guy in private.
Yesterday they had a trip to the jungle with the students and volunteers.
Armin didn't go because he does not want anyone to control him.
He came to me and asked me to share his story with the public in this blog.

Stay tuned for more on the refugee's life story.

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